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    1. That’s not even close to normal, but I don’t think it actually is a photoshop. Notice there’s actually a bottle balancing on her tumor of an ass?

      I hope she just has a pillow in her pants or she’s got a serious problem.

  1. Is it just me or is this picture on here a lot? I get it, she’s a fucking idiot that put a bottle of malt liquor on her ass in an attempt to lure a gang member. It was funny the first 50 times, it’s not funny today.

  2. Ambrosia Younger sister… Take a good look at her ass.. Now think if that ass was 2 time bigger…. That’s Ambrosia but with a smaller tits….. But I can say Ambrosia give the best Blow-Job in town…

    1. Don’t worry, he’s just going on assumption. He just happens to be right about the last part of his statement. 😉

    2. You say one more word pertaining to me and you doing ANYTHING and my vagina is going to dry up and blow away. I wouldn’t let you sniff me much less give you head.

  3. This tree-beast nlggerrific porch howler is just trying to attract the seasonal boon for mating, to shit out yet more WIC kizz. Don’t make fun of it. Different species have different rituals of attraction. You wouldn’t make fun of a crocodile for shivering to make water vibrations, so don’t make fun of urban vine macaques for behaving the way they do.

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