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  1. Mostly water. A trained guy with no special musculature can exert greater force by his biceps while keeping much wider range than this idiot.

    1. Thats actually not correct, often these guys are lifting extreme amounts of weight. Unfortunately you look like hell so who cares what your lift potential is.

    2. Sorry, this guy isn’t lifting extreme amounts of anything, he’s injecting Synthol into his arms, idiots are doing it more and more.

  2. Dude did not need bigger biceps to bag that elephant. For that “prize” he could have just bought her a 6-pack of Milwaukee’s Best.

  3. Damn, Edward Norton got big.

    I really don’t get that shit. The dude is pretty damn built. Why inject that junk into yourself and look like an idiot?

    1. Didn’t even notice the tag, can’t understand the whole Synthol thing, makes no sense and looks like shit.

  4. Not all Americans are like that. I was born in America and yes there are some crazy people. But think goodness I not like that. My husband is from another country and I’m happy with it. Believe you me it’s hard to find a good man here

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