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  1. Merry Christmas you stupid fucks. This website would be nothing without your dumb posts. I hope Santa brings you all a few IQ points, fuck knows you all need it. There, I said it. Dicks.

    1. The both of you get lost and leave me alone. Happy New Year, and drop dead. The rest of you too, and you know who you are, except you don’t even know THAT. You don’t even know how to type; your nannies do it half by your illiterate crayon-scrawls, half from your babbling drivel that has to be run through audio enhancement before it makes any sense whatsoever.

      I’d rather watch Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un eat kimchi together than put up with your brain-damaged posts, infantile insults, and complete stupidity.

    2. There are many things we don’t know about Kim Jung-un. What we think we know is tailored by people with agendas. Don’t believe everything you hear in the news about him. He’s trying to protect his country from the exploitive powers of the world and I can’t say I blame him. Look at Iceland. As soon as their door opened to the US, it’s economy was gutted, exploited and bled dry. He’s bad image is the result of his determination to keep greed from effecting his people. Remember, he’s also trying to protect communities and traditions that have been around longer than our own written history.

    3. If there’s a non-cultural metric that would let us gauge Pyongyang’s relative standing it would be Transparency International’s measure of corruption. N.Korea, at my last look, tied with Afghanistan (Obushma’s pride and joy), and Somalia, for absolute most corrupt nation on the planet.

    4. The fact that it’s tied for dead last allows my skepticism to have limits. I wouldn’t bring the matter up if it were 60th or 70th place. Error-bars on social metrics do have limits.

    5. 911, Edward Snowdon has just scratched the surface, NRA, CIA, corporate imbezzelment, frauded monetary system, large scale ponzy schemes, international espionage, rigged presidential elections, bogus wars, bankrupt economy, Guantanamo bay, almost nuked itself, privatized prisons and the fucking list just goes on… But you conveniently don’t see these issues in your precious rating system. I love the US in general but the arrogance that is spwewd onto you guys by your media makes it nauseating to converse with some of you because you blindly believe it.

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