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    1. Reminds me of the TSN app. You have to watch 30 seconds of commercials for a 20 second highlight. So annoying.

    1. I have adblock. It doesn’t block opening spam in videos. Also I notice the spam intros have suddenly gotten much more localized since Google has forced participation on youTube as part of Google+. They used to pick my locale, now it intelligently parses my interests (Currently the big ice storms in the east and my comments on staying warm and what kind of heat). So I get spam-intros here on Epic Fail selling me no-electricity-needed space heaters of all kinds, suitable for power outages in a cold black-out.


  1. What the fuck is up with these fat fucking retarded americans?? Look, below another american idiot that has a shitty miley cyrus tattoo… great role model there. Fucking stupid country

    1. Yes because all Americans idolize Miley Cirus and smear shit all over themselves. I’m sure whatever country you’re from is idiot free. Oh wait there’s at least one idiot.

    2. @Shutupidiot:
      Think of the probability of any human being to be fat and/or listening to Miley Cyrus!
      Must be ‘murican!

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