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    1. We’re not all that stupid but just like any race, we have out idiots. I assume you’re black based on the cracker comment, so let’s not forget the countless black people who wear their pants at half mast. Now that I think about it, there are a lot of white kids doing that too. You guys are responsible for Kanye West… deal with it.

    2. I’m a cracker and I have tattoos….difference I can actually spell….seems you could use a lesson or 2 motherfucker*

    3. Not near as snazzy as your tattoo of my face on yours but hey, you win some you lose some….ya know?

    1. Are you the tattoo artist? Meaningful only has one L in it, just like Honor only has one N.

    1. This from the guy who all he writes is Murica-Murica-Murica-Murica? I wouldn’t comment on anyone’s spelling if I were you buddy. At least here in America we know better than to capitalize the first two letters of our country. We also know what an apostrophe is, and where to place one.

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