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  1. I did a lot of retarded shit when I was a bit younger….guess I was just never cool enough to light firecrackers in my mouth!

    1. Obviously he is not lighting it. Just posing for the pic as if he were going to. I guess you did a little too much retarded shit when you were younger to not realize this.

    2. The retarded shit I did never affected my eyesight. I can clearly see that he’s not lighting it. It doesn’t make it any less stupid. But thanks for pointing that out, captain obvious!

    3. Dear Ambrosia
      What?? You still doing Shit with your Mouth…. Thanks for the Tongue Fuck.. But your blow-job is the best…..

    1. “Not getting all of the text into the meme picture”

      That’s what I call…
      (putting on glasses)

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