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  1. On midnight Ambrosia rang in the New Year… Ambrosia was on the street with her Mouth open. 1,000s man and woman came by and piss in her mouth.

    1. There is nothing silly or funny about acting like a piece of trash. How about showing some self respect or if not self respect, show some for the people around you that may not be as trashy as you are?

    2. They are not trash. Until you walk and speak with relative clarity, there is nothing wrong. If you continue and end up as vomiting immobile hyper-ventilating pseudoorganism, that is wrong.

    3. Being on national television saying “We’re gonna fuck shit up” for yours and everyone else’s family and kids to hear isn’t being trashy? There isn’t any reason to talk that way outside of your own personal social setting, not everyone wants to hear that, sorry but they’re trash. Go to a nice public place and talk that way and see if you don’t get thrown out. I don’t even consider acting like that in a bar to be anything but trashy.

    4. It’s a New Year’s Eve, people celebrate. On that day, I’m perfectly OK with anybody sanely drunk saying whatever shit comes to their comfortably distorted minds in front of a camera. I don’t see any reason whatsoever to impose some ridiculous moralistic shit on it.

      FYI You’re talking with a person from one of leading countries in alcohol consumption. We go to nice places drunk. Nothing happens.

  2. just another day in mudville . why is anyone mentioning race in this day and age. There is no difference when it comes to mental illness

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