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  1. Getting tired of stupid pictures making this website. I once submitted a picture of a truck accident with an ironically broken sign. Didn’t even make the cut… Now this bullshit is on here! Fuck you.

    1. Your name says it all knuckle head. I would hazard a guess that SMRT knows that, but what they are getting at is that it just isn’t funny. Maybe to a 5year old child but come on!

    1. Why are you so hateful Nuckelhedd? Did mommy not give you enough love or did daddy give you too much love and left some of it dripping down your chin?

    1. You’re a fucking idiot if you think it’s funny. You could call it asshole spin-o-rectum and it’s still boring. Asshole.

  2. Dear 2lolo, it’s too bad you suck so hard and seeing your weird infatuation in the comments section in regards to Ambrosia ruins Epicfail. I know you love the attention. It’s sad that you are even reading this now. Get a life.

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