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  1. We really have no idea what happened. that guy could have been a dick to her or her family. she does look drunk though

    1. She’s just another scank this world dosen’t need look how she fucking jumps on two other guys just to get a change to hit him. They could have got seriously injured if they fell down. She’s nothing more than a self righteous scank who probally have been a spoiled brat and never been told to stfu.

  2. one of the guys should have punched her square in the face and knocked her out cold. if she wants to fight, and to strike the first blow, then she can have her equal rights as a woman. nobody should hit anyone. it doesn’t matter what they say. i’d have hit her back.

  3. i hope they threw that dumb cunt the hell out and charged her with drunk and disorderly as well as assault. Too bad she didn’t get a punch in the mouth with a shot of sleepy time.

  4. I actually liked how the line “taking their time right behind my back” came right before the part where she snuck around the guy’s back – intentional or not, I liked it.

  5. oh and btw.: Why is this titled “MOM goes crazy” – she doesn’t look that old, except for her terribly old-fashioned hairstyle…

    1. I want the 50 other peoples version, there is a 98% probability that she is lying however there is a 100% chance that 65% of them will tell you the truth.

  6. I love that we have people on here that have no idea what really happened but saying throw that woman out. Fuck you liberal pussies. Shes old school, you talk shit and she fights you, no just walking away. To many people nowadays act like assholes with their words, they need a good beatdown.

  7. With this video I’m sure the 2 guys will sue her (most likely) rich, entitled skank ass so bad her grand kids will be in debt.

  8. I like that guy. He’s like :”hahah look at that old hag thinks she can beat me,let her hit me once or twice she’ll go away to suck d***k later on anyway”. Well that is what I would think and don’t punch her no matter how much she deservs it. He didn’t even hit her back

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