Guy Eats McDonald’s For 90 Days And Loses Weight



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  1. Sounds like a mcdonalds PR but I believe it’s true.

    Caloric deficit no matter HOW BAD you eat will make you lose weight. It doesn’t mean your internal system is healthier.

    1. well that works with any food, limit your energy intake and walk 45min a day… you could only eat butter and it would works, well you’d feel miserable and be hungry all the time, but it would work

      i gained 5kg over the last 2 years by just not moving as much as i used to, i didn’t change my diet at all, so why wouldn’t it work the other way round?

  2. Gotta love american class rooms… 3 students! Everybody else is doing meth and eating, OVER eating at Mcdonalds! Idiots.

    1. Love how you people bitch at American even when they are doing something constructive and good. But never seem to mention the shithole your from because if it wasnt a shithole youd have no problem announcing it and not just bash another country that you know nothing about not living in it

    2. you can whine all you want but this research is full of shit, the clear problem with mcdonalds is the combination of the shit they sell and he people who eats it, and that happens in every country.
      then an american idiot comes and eats an acceptable caloric intake and do exercise and oh god!! look at that!!! im losing weight. instead o bitching and whining you should think a bit more.
      idiots are everywhere but none can deny that most of them live in america.

    1. I will have to disagree with you, Rob. It’s the fat neocons down in the bible belt who use genetics and disease as excuses to justify their indulgence. Have you ever seen a fat libtard?

  3. yeah he lost weight cause he stuck to a specific caloric intake amount… everyday fat asses and the people who do normally eat that shit all teh time dont do that. but idiots are gonna watch this and be like “oh that means i can eat this shit all the time then!

  4. See the movie Fat Head for more of the same. He explains how the guy in Supersize Me is fibbing about some details, and he eats fast food for a month and loses weight and improves his cholesterol and other factors. The key is he avoid sodas and other carbohydrate-rich extras. I don’t eat at MacDonald’s, I eat low carb. But the bottom line is that there is nothing magical about McD’s—if you eat crap from the store, you’ll get fat too.

    Eating only a few square meals a day and working out, will cause you to lose weight.
    Scientist say this may be a side effect of NOT shoving shit in your greedy fucking mouth and actually moving your goddamn body around a bit.
    Experts are quick to point out that SIMPLY following a normal fucking proper eating plan, while also pushing yourself physically every other day like a normal human fucking being, could, within a month or two, result in you not being a fat-ass worthless waste of space.

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