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    1. Not to be jerk, but I thought the #1 rule of firearms safety was never point a gun at anything you don’t want to shoot.

    2. Not a malfunction. The blue smoke typically shows a spiked cartridge. Check out: LiveLeak Syrians Place Booby-Trapped Ammunition in Rebels’ Guns. 01:51

  1. Probably a sabotaged round where the gun powder is replaced with some high explosive. Effective when you can’t find your enemy, but your enemy finds some munitions that you’ve planted.

  2. This is why people with common sense talk about more common sense gun regulations.

    Meanwhile, it’s the idiots in this video who go around screaming “Liberals is trying to takes away ours gunnnnssss!!!”

    1. @ Emgee:
      No, this is why people with ACTUAL common sense try to figure out what went wrong. Idiots like you try to scream about people who are legitimately concerned about idiot liberals (who have no true conception of how the legalization of guns ensures our freedoms) who really are trying to take away guns from honest citizens. This video has NOTHING to do with gun legislation, gun safety, or anything whatsoever about idiots using guns, you moron. It is about a gun which had a malfunction through mechanical failure or through sabotage. Grow up.

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