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  1. Well to me it looked like she swallowed a 72ounce steak .not much chewing going on at all, pretty good technique ,but hopefully it was pass through the system ok .

  2. Am I the only one who is strangely aroused by this? Such a beautiful thing to see its wonderful… now if only that woman would stop eating it and get out of the picture I could masturbate.

    1. I know several people that prefer them cooked that way. I just don’t like it seeping blood when I cut into it. Aside from that the texture of the steak when it’s that rare is very off putting to me. Whatever floats your boat!

    2. The rules are not cooked over medium rare. I guess they’re trying to slow things down a bit, but she didn’t seem to notice.

    1. World champion eater. She ate a hamburger an hour later. She once ate 9 pounds of cottage cheese in 2 minutes. Must have a protein deficiency.

    2. @Doralingis
      Why is it that, when you comment.. It’s all about Shit?? Don’t “Finger Fuck FRED” give you all the shit you can swallow??

  3. I’m surprised she didn’t bite her fucking fingers off.
    God damn! She eats like a starved jackal.
    That’s how Gideo goes after cock.

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