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    1. Well…it could be worse. It could be a tea party with a bunch of bigot conservatives pretending to know something about American politics. Not to mention I have yet to meet one of those cunts who actually drinks tea. They just unquestioningly believe what fake news channels and neo-nazi radio hosts tell them to. At least this girl’s tea party has some diversity. It looks as if there is a Mexican Red Knee (which I am surprised you didn’t try to deport for no reason whatsoever) and a Brazilian Black (that’t right, Brazil is not Mexico)…I can’t make out the smaller on the left.

      Blue States > Red States

  1. Dear that kid’s mom and dad:


    Unless those are fake spiders (or possibly a fake kid???) in which case, never mind…

    1. @ ANON

      What the hell is wrong with YOU? This child was not taught to fear her shadow and as such, will not spend her days cowering in fear like you. You know absolutely nothing of spiders if you think those are actually dangerous. Bites from junting spiders such as hose on humans are extremely rare. They don’t waste venom on things they aren’t going to eat or aren’t going to eat them. They aren’t stupid fearful creatures prone to panic attacks such as yourself.

  2. Where the fuck is the win button? What the fuck EF. This is an obvious WIN. This girl will go through life without unnatural fear and will make something of herself and her future family. Your bullshit bias has GOT to end.

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