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    1. Sorry, Jetty but you are incorrect. They can not wear whatever they please. While everyone wearing civilian clothes have an equal opportunity to look like a fool,the clothes worn by the military personnel is a different story. It called a uniform for a reason. That reason, is that the word UNIFORM means that everything is the same on one person as it is on the next person. Those horrible footwear atrocities are only the uniform of the idiocracy, not the military.

    2. “the best interest of murica”?? Are you high? The only thing the american military does is kill innocent people in countries that have oil. OH WAIT my bad, I mean your looking for WMD’s oh yea thats right, hows that going for you?

    3. there’ll always be incident’s like that for as long as theres war. fighting for a living is crazy but its still bound to happen so we need the ability to fight. if we were killing innocents on a mass scale or purposefully thered be no doubt we were wrong but that hasnt happend or been proven. as far as oil.. all countries want it dummy. theres propaganda on all sides and you bit into one of the shit sandwiches dumbass 🙂

    4. p.s. no they can’t wear that caus its not uniform.. and in my opinion those boots are gay and they were when tom brady wore them too.

    5. @Jason
      The bad thing is that they are looking too far away for those WMD. I remember the USA having some themselves, but no nody else can have them….. Oh wait, what country dropped again only 2 Atomic Bombs ever on 2 cities…? Right. -_-

  1. For all we know that soldier just had foot surgery and they are on a soft shoe profile. After they reconstructed my ankle in the Army I had to wear my running shoe for 2 months after the case came off because I could not wear my boots; however, the hands in the pockets are unacceptable. They must me Chair Force.

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