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    1. Dear Ambrosia
      I love how you milk my boner and swallow ever drop….

      Ambrosia did you know that Doraling is deeply in love with his Donkey Cock?? Next time you see him in Wal Mart ask him.. If Doraling sit down on the floor and rub his ass. You know he is cuming..

    2. @Doralingis
      You know “Finger Fuck FRED” don’t you.. Well Finger Fuck FRED told me that on Youtube.. He/She seen your Mother give Birth to from Her/His Ass-O… Is that why you love your Donkey Dick, you never without it….

  1. What a fucking toolshed. God damn retard. He probably takes turns masturbating in his piece-o-shit mustang and banging his cattle and horses. Fucking freak. I had no idea Gideo lived that way.

    1. First of all its a piece of shit chevrolet monte carlo, and second of all


      EVERY fucked up stupid story comes out of that shitty country, this past week a retired cop shot and killed a guy for texting in a theatre. The same week a 12 year brought a shot gun to school and fired it, now this guy fucks his car… his gay car? I cant wait until the economy completely collapses in Murica and everyone turns to killing themselves

  2. If you have this problem this is how you solve it:
    1) Put your cock in the engine while is running.
    2) Insert what is left of your cock in the exhaust pipe
    3) If you still love your car just close your eyes and jump from the roof of a 5 story building or taller, and don’t worry, your car/lover will fly and rescue you before you hit the ground.

  3. Dafuq did I just watch? God? I will sue you if you do not give me my last 8 minutes back!!! Can’t this dude be of better use to society as a throw rug or something? Yeah welll, still better than a nlgger I suppose.

    1. There are more cases of this outside of America than in, do a little research. And I’ve seem far more depraved shit coming out of many other countries.

  4. He named the car a male name, is that what is meant by a fender-bender? I wonder if he gets jealous of other passengers touching it?

  5. You know, ten years ago, this might have seemed weird, but nowadays, it’s not really news worthy.
    Also, the guy is a horrible kisser, no wonder he fell in love with a car.
    I think the only reason his “roommate” (probably a shamed ex-girlfriend) is putting up with him is because she doesn’t want to kill her chance at some dick. That’s probably the reason for this “Acceptance” bullshit these days. Not that you shouldn’t allow people to do or love what they want, but it’s bullshit when people pretend to accept that someone making out with their car is normal.
    It should go like, “Yeah, the fucking weirdo makes out with his car, but he really is a nice guy once you get to know him. And he ain’t hurting anyone, so whatever.”

  6. Oh god, imagine trying to buy a used car off this guy.
    And I’m sorry, but if he was afraid for his reputation and job, whyu did he agree to making a video where he made out with his fucking car the whole time!?
    Oh my god, the poor dad. it sounded like he was ready for his son to come out of the closet, and was hit with something he wasn’t ready to deal with.
    Oh my fucking god, how do you involve the divorce into it, jesus. I really like his dad, he TRIED to handle it in a normal way. Props for that, good guy.

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