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  1. Well, notice how only spicks were cleaning the rooms? See the problem is that they let these filthy Mexican’ts into the country and pay them minimum wage… which is over-and-above what they should be paid, becasue their “work” deserves to be remunerated with intestine-processed tortilla residue. It’s what happens when you let 3rd world cockroaches infest a developed nation in the name of saving a buck. Kill the nkggers. Switch on the light of national pride and sweep the taco benders back to their shitbox desert plains. And all will be fine once more, especially “the help” and the economy. But first you will have to exterminate every libtard fuckball breathing enough air in to open their useless mouths, starting with the nlgger-in-chief. But that’s another story.

    1. Rob, I pretty sure they are doing this under direct order from their manager who more than likely is someone as stupid and ignorant as you. Funny how people like you will bitch and moan about immigrants but use them for at any means to save a buck.

  2. That blue liquid is a sanitizer you stupid cunt reporter. It’s labeled do not t]drink because people like you would drink it if not told. As for using a hidden camera in their hotel, I hope they sue you.

  3. Would have been better reporting if they actually tested the glasses for microbes. And I think there’s a warning on dish soap warning you not to drink the stuff.

  4. At least the maid cleaned them off with a damn towel.
    You walk around in disgusting chemical polluted air all day, you drink water that was bottled from a cement parking lot, you eat food that is several months old and is bad for you, but got forbid you drink something that was cleaned by “blue chemicals”.

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