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  1. Laughed so hard I cried. If you are willing to gamble with your life then it is of little or no value to anyone including you, so don’t complain when you lose the bet.

    1. Both of you should just stop trying to form a brain. Neither of you can write a correct 3-word sentence…. Obviously a victim of the american “education” system!

    2. ‘victim’ should be plural, as you are addressing the two of us, and the indefinite article should never precede a plural noun. And you’ve evidentaly never heard of Weeg’s (et al.) infamous “did he died” troll.

  2. This video has been doing the rounds for a bit of a while. He was pretty badly injured afterwards and had to have something like 20-odd screws in him and a shit load of Titanium plates as well. Suppose he should’ve looked before be leaped…

  3. Why “some shouldn’t reproduce, fyi, accidents can happen to the best, this guy is a very respectable parkour artist

    The guy’s face got competley smashed, to where 38 titanium screws, 20 titanium plates and 35 stiches was needed to reconstruct his face

    This is a video he and his friends made after the fact

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