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    1. Holy shit, Rob Nunya, the site’s dumbest bagger bigot is actually posting on a white fail. No wonder its so cold outside, hell has frozen over.

    2. No. It’s so cold outside because God is punishing all you communist scumbags for being the traitors you are.

  1. Oh look it’s that “Jester” faggot again. Maybe next he can get a big jester’s cap made out of neon dildos permanently welded to his head. Maybe then he would stand out among all the other sad attention craving freaks that have done this all before already.

  2. “But Mom, I’m TRYING to get a job! I’ve left applications all over town and I don’t know why nobody calls me back!”

  3. Nothing to see here folks. It’s just another liberal fuckstick faggot. This one’s most likely related in some way to Gideo.

    1. Yeah, that’s our cousin Mark. He was conceived by one of our dads impregnating our lesbian aunt.

    2. You baggers think you’re so fucking funny don’t you?
      I really wish you teabillies would stop getting everything right; you’re starting to make me look bad.
      Sometimes, i lick my brothers balls while he’s sleeping.

  4. I like it when i am the center of a circle jerk and all the guys bukkake my face up just like the patterns on this guys face.

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