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    1. Wrong again dipshit. You see, the stupid fuck attempting to push a 150 pound wheelbarrow up a ramp is the upper middle class white homeowner who was too cheap to hire a mexican to do the yard work. And as a result, now has to go to the doctor for pain meds for his sore back and neck; and to the psychiatrist for anti-anxiety meds for his newly found psychological problems.
      Had this happened to a spic, nobody would even give a shit.

    2. @Mikey if it was a Mexican and he did make a mess, would he clean it up and *puts on sunglasses* leave it spic and span?

    3. mikey- you made a hell of a lot of assumptions out of like a 2 second clip. It’s a guy falling and his fucking wheel barrow falling on top of him. That’s it.

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