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  1. Yeah, that would look so cool up on stage. It would go great with your Justin Bieber t-shirt. Bet women would throw their panties at you for sure.

    1. Good god is that some horrible awkward flirting Fred. You are so just on two different accounts and flirting with yourself. I refuse to accept otherwise.

    2. @Doralingis Aka Finger Fuck FRED….
      Don’t forget all the Drag Queens Throwing their Panties at you…

  2. There is no deflector dish, this must be the post return of the jedi falcon, fuck you Lando Calrissian you still having fixed that? you promised not a scratch!

  3. Hey, are those the 1995 Kenner Millenium Falcon toy models? Man, I had one of those myself. The bass and guitar are gonna sound like shit though: Those models are low-quality plastic which makes for crappy sustain. And you’ll never ever get a good slappin out of that bass either.

    1. nah, that guy’s not a real nerd. If he was, he wouldn’t have placed the cannon where the dish antenna’s supposed to be.

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