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  1. Drugs’rr baaad, mmkay! Yeah. Marijuana is “harmless”. Look at that dipshit stoner. I’ll take a fallover drunk over that mental wet rag any day.

    1. That’s not the fault of weed you fucking idiot. That idiot would be stupid on or off drugs. Lazy people are lazy on or off drugs. You armchair know-it-all types preach about the good and bad about shit you know nothing about. Do the world a favor and shut your dickhole.

    1. Maybe it’s just my experiences but overall the people I have been around when they were drunk weren’t all that funny. Generally, they are just obnoxious and whiney.

    2. Ambrosia is correct, drunks are usually annoying, unless you are also drunk; plus they tend to get violent at times.

  2. If I was the reporter I would’ve asked ” and why didn’t the attacker directly seek you out? Because clearly you are the stupidest dick face in the whole school.” How the reporter was able to keep from smacking this kid upside the head is beyond me.

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