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    1. Sad thing about it is most of these goons haven’t personally seen a Black person outside of Walmart nor have been hurt by them. Yet they carry so much rage for people they don’t even know.

    2. @Gideo, Don’t say that about Ambrosia!!!!!!!!!
      Ambrosia is a “COAL BURNER” all of her life…….

    3. Gideo would know. He gets his upper colon hurt nightly by black cocks. Ain’t that right, you whackjob liberal homosexual?

    4. Dear Gimpeo,
      Please stop playing with your flaccid penis while Fatbrosia takes nlgger dick in her ass.

  1. Typical low life retard trying to gain fame as a “jackass” copycat.
    Hopefully he severed his spine so he can no longer try to perform foolish shit like this again.
    Nice cape superdouche.

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