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    1. @danR
      Everyone makes mistakes, don’t pick on Ambrosia… But Ambrosia gives the best head jobs in town.. Want to try?? Pay me $50.00 and I’ll sent Ambrosia over…

  1. Far as I’m concerned she drove the nail right in (wishfully a spick’s head)! I have that same fear – of spicks that is.

    1. It’s a good thing the opinion of a worthless POS bagger doesn’t matter. Don’t you have an episode of duck dynasty to go watch or something.

  2. Rob Nunya I was just talking to somebody on another video about you and all you bullshit waste of cyberspace jargen. You have proven yourself ignorant and uneducated as you always do when I read your comments. You are a loser of a soul and will burn in Hell hopefully. But let’s give your dumbass a little lesson. First off if you wanna be a typing racist learn how to spell racial slurs right. It’s not SPICK it’s SPIC. I know because I am a spic… and also half Mick. So at least spell your lame ass comments the correct way. And lesson two: They’re talking Mexicans here. Mexicans are not spics. Puerto Ricans like myself are the spics. Mexicans are called wetbacks or beaners by wastes of life like yourself. So if you want to act like a racist all the time at least know what the fuck you’re talking about you fucking pussy ass garbage piece of shit. And just in case your simple politically incorrect racist self needs another lesson, a Mick is an Irishman… also like myself. Now please go kill yourself.

    1. I hate to break it to you OmeHi5, but all of that will just go right over Nunya’s soft head. Some of the other baggers at least have a few brain cells to rub together. Not Rob though, dumb as a post.

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