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  1. The only impressing he did was when he impressed his face into the pavement. Anyway, this fail is on this site somewhere under a different title so it can’t even be called an original posting (for this site anyhow)…

  2. I’ve seen this on this website already. What I really want to see is what happened, AFTER het hit the ground. How many bones does he break?

    1. Yeah, this one has already been posted pretty exactly half a year ago. I didn’t even need to search for it. I just had to click the tag “Wall climb fail”… I wonder: Are this sites admins good for anything (except editing posts of people who don’t like their damn dot com site)?

    2. I think I’ve noticed that there’s a guy named Kevin that posts alot of these. I guess he doesn’t have time to check and see if they’re already here. IDK.

    3. @Doralingis: In this case, both videos were posted by ‘Jason’. I think he runs this site… which, however, doesn’t mean that he CARES for it…

  3. If she’s not on top of the building you’re tying to scale, then it’s a stupid idea to try to impress her from the ground up.

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