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    1. They take a snap shot at exactly half way through the vid, that’s why you see Number 5 before playing. Feeling stupid now?

  1. well first off Touchstar no I’m not feeling stupid because it’s not a “snap shot” jackass. The vids are labeled ‘Numbers 1 through 10’ before each new video. STARTING WITH 10. Before the entire vide starts the title shows up saying “TOP 5 DRUNK FAILS 2013-2014”. <—- That is the fucking title for this video. TOP 5 DRUNK FAILS 2013-2014. And then like I said it starts out with number 10.It never says TOP 5 anywhere else in the video so how the fuck is that a snap shot. So now ARE YOU FEELING STUPID for trying to make me look stupid and being completely wrong? Because you should feel pretty stupid, you dumbass. Hahahahahaha. you fucking dumb mother fucker. asking me if I feel stupid now when you're the one whose wrong. Fucking stupid fuck.

  2. Did you even watch the video? Or did you just come right to the comments to try to be a dick like a lot of the people on here. Go get a life and some help learning how to pay attention to detail.

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