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  1. Amusing – but hopefully they will get the idea that obesity is not a “disease” – it’s a choice. Regardless, I hope they live “Happily ever after” – but please don’t breed….

  2. …… And here we have the average murican in their natural habitat. Rumor has it they had the customary McDonalds buffet for dinner served in a trough for the fat piggy americans to enjoy. Enjoy your diabetes fat fucks

    1. Have you seen tea party rallies, (you know, back when the corporations was funding them) Muricans aren’t any better.

  3. there’s nothing funny about making yourself crippled as lazily as possible – over eating. “Now I can’t work or move properly, but I have a great sense of humour (in public)”

    1. Dear Ambrosia
      If you marry Doralingis. Will you still suck my cock?? How about your “Ass2Mouth”?? OK I’ll let you Tongue Fuck my Ass-o….. Now you’re Happy…..

  4. I find the abundance of bigotry based on hate quite amusing…. I’m sure it’s hard for some of you to imagine people choosing the way they look, and being happy with it.

    Question is, are you going to hate on other people because you dislike their happiness? Seems legit I guess.

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