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  1. What the Hell? Was that the lady’s kid? How does he just get up and walk away from something like that? “What I got run over by the same car twice? Whatever. I wonder if my mom is okay.” That mom’s going to go back and watch this, and realize that she was being awfully dramatic compared to what happened to the kid.

  2. His mum took the impact from the car and protected the kid from the initial impact. I don’t know how much weight a human skull can take before it gets crushed but the kid took the weight twice

  3. Good golly! I saw the report on this. The boy didn’t carry away more than a few scratches and bruises and his grandmother (yup, the lady he’s walking with is his grandmother) wasn’t hurt particularly bad either.

    1. I mean: That must’ve been some sort of lightweight car. Something that wouldn’t keep you on the road for long and probably flips when you accidentaly hit the kerb.

  4. Best kid ever: get run over twice, and the first thing he does is jump up and check on his mom. Almost made me cry kid, props to you.

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