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  1. Dammit, Almost, Almost… Almost……
    If he just fall down. and dies. Then. another stupid Uhmerica Pig dies. If that happens. Almost the whole world except Uhmerica would have a party!

    1. No, he really did nearly die. If his upper body were leaning back just a bit, he wouldn’t have been able to throw his weight down on the ledge and he would have fallen to a horrible death.

    2. But the “if” is the problem-word. On that basis, I nearly died a coupla times when I was that young and stupid. And even 8 years ago when I didn’t go sliding off a sheet-metal roof because I caught a half inch of projecting hex-nut head in the crook of my forefinger and was then able to stall till I found a vent-pipe to grab.

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