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    1. Exactly. But she shouldn’t get a dime. No one was hurt and the manager was more then nice to give her her money back AND offer two weeks of free meals.

  1. Yet another old fail that’s already been on the site before. Looks like there’s no more original fails left in the world to put up. I suppose if you’ve not seen it already then it’s a nice novelty for you…

  2. BULL-SHIT !!!!!!! That Ni.GGER Cunt pull the Chicken Head from Her PUSSY…. She is getting Welfare, Food Stamps and Housing… Right Doralingis….

  3. wow epic fail
    this is from like the 90’s
    i remember seeing this when i first got a computer when i was like 9 years old.
    im 25 now.
    get the fuck up too date.

  4. Story’s over 10 years old and although reporters examined the evidence, whether the head was real or fake or planted has never been resolved.

  5. Oh jeez! Nothis fucking “fail” again? Running out of ideas or what? This story is now like what, a decade old? Not to mention that it was later discovered this she-boon tree-nlgger and her two just-hatched younglings were out to defraud, i.e., the whole thing was a staged hoax. TNB (Typical Nlgger Behavior). Get some new material guys. This is sad.

  6. SO WHAT why is she suing for a chicken head? people eat chick, people can eat chicken heads. Damn she is so jaded in what she eat. In some countries that’s a delicacy

  7. I should be cursing at Mikey and the other bigots here. But frankly the longer they are at their computers being morons, the less time they are on the streets attempting to “stand their ground” with some victim.

    1. Hey idiot fageo, the one that made “stand your ground” such a hot topic was a die hard Obama supporter you stupid son of a bitch.

    2. Just doing my part to keep the morons off the streets. Of course the only one I outed by name was Mikey, so thanks for offering yourselves up morons. 😀

    3. You do realize that “stand your ground” laws benefit blacks more than anyone else. And those dumb sons of bitches are working the hardest to get rid of them. Good news is all the states are giving a giant middle finger to all these idiots trying to repeal them.

      You also realize that the whole Trayvon debacle was never even based off of SYG; it was a self defense case. Not once was SYG mentioned during the trial.

    4. And here we go with the SYG helps Blacks excuse for wanted murder. “Hey, if you let us murder Blacks you can too.” One can’t go by the attacker my dear bagger. One must go by the victims of these bigoted laws (no wonder you support them eh). If your victim is Black you have an 73% chance of getting off. That number drops to 59% if you shoot a White. Justify murder all you want, but you freaks aren’t fooling anyone.

      BTW, SYG was in the jury instructions, hate it when you murderous baggers lie about that.

  8. What you all on about? That’s food for half the country over here in Africa! clearly times aren’t too bad yet in the good ‘ol US of A…

    1. Gideo stands for Gay Video I assume? When you learn to spell feel free to post again. Hicks, son. A hic is the sound made by an individual hiccup. And no it is America, and you only try to put it down because you are jealous of us here. Not all of us are bad examples of humanity. Just like not everyone in your pathetic little 3rd world nation are as bad as you. There are bad and good people everywhere. Come on back when you have a leg to stand on, you ignorant bitch. Have a day!

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