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  1. Ambrosia tried looking for a Sugar Daddy.. I answered her ad.. I said. Hi Ambrosia I’m 2lolo with a 9 inch. cock… Now Ambrosia is my SUGAR HO….

    1. Lol you generally can’t spell, absolutely massacre the English language and I’m supposed to believe you actually know how long 9 inches is? And you make a habit of telling people your name is 2lolo do you? Catchy.

  2. Dear Ambrosia

    I know you know how long 9 inch. is.. You take my 9 inch. down your Throat everyday.. So why do you call me “2lolo Honey”????

  3. Hey can I join your trolling guys? Im just like you I live in my mothers basement, my diet consist of Cheetos and mountain dew, my father made a porno with your fathers , i work at a local adiscount storeand I also have no friends …my dream is to double your posts on epic

    1. Oh please. My moms house doesn’t have a basement, I HATE Mountain Dew and I only like Cheeto puffs. Besides, you’d have to fight 2homo for the spot of being the biggest idiot.

    2. So all of that is untrue except for out fathers making a gay porn together ambrosia?

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