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  1. So Sad – Another product of the Libtard education programs. Probably got an “A” for trying and they didn’t want to make him “feel bad” because he is stupid….

  2. I think they got it right. Every time I eat there, my non-super bowel gets mad at me. Makes sense they would market to the iron-ass toting demographic.

    1. Not all employees at Little Caesars is an “idiot”. Some of us are very well educated. Most workers at Little Caesars are college students who need to make a little more money. That is not the only company where you can find “idiots’ though. There’s McDonald’s, Burger King, or any other fast food restaurant. There are also construction and waste disposal companies were “idiots” can be found. Many of the workers have bachelor degrees or higher. They may choose to work at the jobs full of “idiots” because that’s what they love to do or there are no available jobs.

    2. Please, please please… For the love of all that is sacred, tell me you’re trolling? That was the worst possible job you could have done in defending the intelligence of the typical fast food worker. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve known many intelligent people in that field, but you need to go back to elementary school…

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