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  1. Ya waste money investigating 9/11 so we can come up with the exact same conclusion. These conspiracy theory people are fucking nuts.

    1. On the contrary, money was wasted on fraudulent investigations by the federal government, you obviously have not taken the time to really look into it. Too scary for you perhaps? It’s not too hard to spot the inconsistencies in the official story, if you just bother to actually look at it.

    2. yeah. because governments never lie … Not saying that 9/11 conspiracy theories are wrong, but we sure should always look into events like this, because we are often lied to by media and gov. we should realize how easy we are manipulated

    3. and by look into it, they mean read some completely unreliable amateur op/ed pieces on the internet with no evidence behind them whatsoever and forming completely unreliable and unproved theories to do nothing with but again, spread around the internet. you guys are practically fucking freedom fighters.

  2. “is everybody alright”? Ya I guess the press were all hurt by his sentence the same way people were killed on 9/11.

  3. I think 9-11 was perpetrated by people like YOU. Even the government doesn’t grab an MVP’s mic like that in a conference.

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