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  1. I don’t think that ‘parent’ would realize something was missing until long after the crows had polished off the roadkill.

    1. OF COURSE THEY ARE AMERICAN. Its completely fucking retarded, like most people in that shit hole country

  2. I was once in Boston and in heavy traffic. The motorcycle next to me had a hispanic guy on it with his kid on the back, both had no helmets on and the kid on the back had his arm up holding a phone to the adult males ear as the guy was talking on it, i couldnt get a picture of it but it was probably one of the most horrifying things i ever saw, the kid looked to be like 5-7 years old and barely hanging on with one arm.

  3. I don’t see a fail. The kid’s got a helmet on you bunch of fucking libtards.
    I’ve given my kids rides on the back of my bike hundreds of times when they were little. It’s retards like you people that run bikes off the road because you’re all too fucking stupid to share the road.

    1. Well, it didn’t take long for our resident liberal to show up with her insightful comments.

      Good one Richenbaum.
      Not a fat biker danR.

    2. Laughing at his comment does not make me a liberal. That is an absolutely fucking retarded comment. It’s not you and everyone else in the world is liberals. You have no idea what my beliefs are so stop trying to shove your obsession with liberals down my throat.

    3. It’s a fail on a lot of levels. The only piece of safety gear they have on is the helmet. Which will only protect their heads while the road flays the skin from their arms and melts their clothes to whats left of their bodies.

    4. Hey asshole , if your going to use Libtard maybe you should know what a fucking liberal is in the first place. Im a Conservative and that shit is wrong as the kid can fall off, oh and its against the law dipshit! you need a specific kind of Bike seating and a seat belt for a kid to ride with you!

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