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    1. Yeah like mostly everyone said it’s a complete fail in all the possible way there is… Quite sad.

  1. doesn’t get funnier by repeating the same bullshit over and over. Reminds me of those “YouTubePoops” (remember those? – They were THA SHIT back in ’07) in which some people tried to elevate shitty editing to an art form of sorts…

  2. In speech, this “thing” talk about “Preta Gil”, thats a enterteinament daughter of “Gilberto Gil” here in Brazil.
    Looks like Gaga, but no!!

  3. This reaches beyond the realm of logical, human comprehension. All I know is I hope it’s dead and wasn’t carrying larvae.

    And it’s these beings that insist on equality, tolerance and “inclusion”. They want our children to be forced to accept and deal with them as equals. These shitdicks want the Sochi games to be “tolerant” of them, yet this is a clear example of the hybrid mutants these emotionally rotten, these socially abysmal, these intellectually vacuous, these death resilient empty vessels in which has been poured curdled waste matter, are the bacterial infections that plague the world and spill into our streets demanding acceptance. There is no other way to eradicate a disease spreading bacteria such as this other than by completely reducing them to ashes. No amount of sympathy is worth tolerating this sewage.

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