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  1. No, this is how someone reacts when their BF cheated on them, not because they were playing too much PS, wow. Anyway, that sucks, could’ve given it to someone deserving of it rather than destroying it.

  2. Another dumb chick, not thinking things through. Now she will be going to jail for destruction of property and will be ordered to pay back the cost of the system.

    1. She won’t see one day in jail, nor will she have to pay him back for anything because judges love people with vaginas and let them get away with murder, literally, tons of women get away with murdering their own children, husbands, boyfriends whatever.

  3. THAT BITCH! That’s low. Real low. You never touch a man’s PlayStation, unless it’s a euphemism. “Boohoo he cheated on me.” So leave him you bitter bitch.

    1. She was probably a coal burner with some nlgger buck that didn’t work and played games all day. That also explains the infidelity, coons always have to muhdik something.

    2. Yes why didn’t that guy do manly things like pretend to be a retard on the internet for several hours per day?

    1. Yes. Washing dishes IN JAIL. Cheating on your girlfriend is wrong but it is not a crime. Destroying your boyfriend’s valuable personal property DOES happen to be a crime, and admitting to it on Facebook is basically a confession for a prosecutor to use against you. He wins and SHE loses here LOL!

    2. I like how you think that there would be a fancy jury trial with a prosecutor and possible jail time all over a less than $200 product that wouldn’t even be worth the time and effort it would take to bring to small claims court. That’s cute.

    3. You know what I think is cute? That you want to be my own personal troll now that I proved you were both an idiot and an ass, that you think that I might give any credence to any of your opinions after your previous fails.

      Just FYI, trials for destruction of property happen all of the time, and I never said anything about a jury did now, did I? Quit making up things, and putting words into my mouth that I did not say please. Juries are usually for more serious crimes but I have seen them for even relatively simple cases like drunk driving. I said jail time, which is not out of the question. With that confession, all that would take is 15 minutes in court an a judge coming down with a verdict. In fact, it would likely be a plea bargain and be done in 5 minutes. Think before you troll son, please. You really aren’t very good at it.

      Good fight.

      Any more non-points that you would like to make? Go ahead, because I am sure that you can’t resist having the last word, you being the child that you are.

    4. Wow. You are in some massive denial, kid. You obviously do care a great deal about my opinions if you have to try so hard (and so badly) to “disprove” them.

      Here, look. You specifically mentioned a prosecutor. They don’t have prosecutors for small time small claims court cases. I don’t care what random unrelated cases you’ve seen. Drunk driving is a broad term that could have any number of felonies involved. Whatever drunk driving cases you claim to have seen are completely irrelevant. Property destruction? Same thing. Broad term that could cover a huge range of monetary values, but this is a single specific item with a low value. It’s a minor misdemeanor at the very worst, which means small claims court at best. There absolutely would not be a prosecutor, or a plea bargain, or jail time. You very obviously have no actual experience with law. I do, and so does the lawyer that I live with, so please, keep spewing this nonsense that you learned from watching Judge Judy, it’s wonderful watching you embarrass yourself so badly.

      I can’t decide which is funnier either, that you might honestly believe all this sad bullshit coming out of your mouth or that you’re just that terribly desperate to save face in front of a bunch of random internet idiots. You keep at it if that’s what you need to do though, bud. More laughs for me.

  4. The stupid thing is : she didn’t break it as long as it’s unplugged. The guy just have to wait long enough for it to dry and it will work again like new…

    1. Exactly. Now let’s hope she reads your post and tries it again with it plugged in and electrocutes her dumb ass self to death.

  5. So a 12 year old kids girlfriend soaks his toy in the sink. Who gives a fuck?
    He must have fucked her in the ass then wiped his dick on her teddy bear.

    1. And here is another idiot that thinks the target demographic for video games is still children under 16.

    2. I knew that dipshit. I was making fun of all you God damn faggots that would rather play fucking video games than fuck your your girlfriend.
      And that’s the reason girlfriends like yours cheat on you with guys like me.

  6. So he cheated on her “twice with multiple and different girls”? Ok. So basically he cheated on her “twice with two different girls”. Unless he had a participated in group sex…

    1. Multiple times means that he slept with the same girls more than once. In other words, they were not just one-night stands with two different girls, they were repeatedly taking the skin boat to tuna town.

  7. If its that many girls, you have the problem not him, kill yourself moron. If someone cheats on you once leave. you apparently stuck around for the entire block to ride him.

  8. the sad part is unless it was plugged and on she didn’t destroy just needs a lot of time to dry (happens to phones all the time same concept)

  9. Am I the only guy who understands her? I mean, it’s a 4-years long relationship. Four years tied with an idiot that doesn’t deserve her.

  10. I’d rather stay with a cheater than a short tempered fault finding nag. Two sides to every story. It’s probably her fault.

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