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    1. Dear Ambrosia
      I see by your picture that you did Removed your Enema… I hope you’re not still piss-off at me??? You gave me the GLUE not the LUBE….. I miss out of a damn good Anal…..

  1. Nothing to see here folks, just your average breeding factory filled with nlgger jizz getting ready to crap out a turd. Don’t be surprised with the mess. That’s how all the coons keep their nests.

  2. ….Saying to herself, “Damn I’m lookin Hot & my place looks so much better than Julio’s right down the dirt road.”

  3. Imo getz me a man, have’z me da babey’n getz ma gub’ment check so’z I’z can affoad to clean dis hee-a sheet up.

    Nlggers suck!

  4. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Nig.gers haven’t fully evolved yet.
    Look at the disgusting mess this coon lives in.
    Dirty floors.
    Dirty walls.
    Dirty ceiling.
    Garbage strewn all over the floor.
    Extra large pickle jar for her to shit in.
    Bucket to use as a shower. (Doubt she bathes though)
    Filthy mirror with God knows what on it.
    Got the just got me knocked up look on her face. (most likely from a trick).
    Just can’t wait to get that welfare check, EBT card, obamaphone, and section 8 housing; all paid for by the working white man.

    1. @Mikey
      So want if Ambrosia don’t clean her home…. That don’t give you the right to call her a N!GGER…

  5. Of course, the children here, who live in their mothers’ basements, make their elementary-school comments, hidden under the anonymity of a site that doesn’t make you register to be able to post. It gets their two-inch peckers hard.

    Just in case anyone reading this actually believes that hoarding is confined to one group of people: it is not. Don’t mind the twelve-year-old trolls who posted above. They’ll go away once you ignore them long enough… or when their mommies catch them typing bad words on the computer.

    1. OSHA, you’re a dumbass. Did we even mention hoarding? You speak like a true libtard. You see, hear and read what you want to and then the emotion comes spilling out.
      Shut the fuck up and go back to sleep.

  6. Osha- ummm not true poop flinging is confined to one group- primates- what does that tell you? It tells me when your polically correct ass is beat and robbed for being in the wrong neighborhood maybe you’ll see reality of the savages

  7. Pickles…. Of course. This is how ghetto girls gain their “skillz” in sucking dick. You almost always see girls like this walking down the street with a hot pickle in hand. Practice pays off I guess lol.

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