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    1. Dear Ambrosia
      He is looking at you Ambrosia…. I hope you removed the Enema from your Butt-Hole?? I said I’m sorry, You gave me the GLUE not the LUBE….

    2. Look who’s back… QUEEN of ASS2MOUTH…!!!!!
      Mmmmm….. Last thing that was glue to my Butt-Hole was Ambrosia Tongue Fucking my Butt-Hole…

    3. Doraling is going to kick my ass….. How with your Tongue….. No thank you, I have Ambrosia to Tongue fuck my Ass….

  1. I know this man through one of the fetish websites I visit. I can guarantee he don’t give a rat’s patoot if anyone thinks he’s a fail. A WIN for having the cajones to do what turns him on.

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