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  1. more like “spoiling spoilt little bastards even more and wasting everyone elses time humouring the shitty little cunts done well”

    1. sorry that was horrible. Well it has nothing to do with “parenting done right”, I guess it bugged me reading that. My dad used to dress me up like that and he still bummed me (sorry)

    2. “My dad used to dress me up like that and he still bummed me”

      and this seemed like the perfect place to confess to your sordid history of anal rape?

  2. what is the one next to tin tin and the one next to bioshock. also is the last 1 the hobbit and the one next to the joker a power ranger?

    1. The one next to Tintin: Bioshock “Little Sister” (#1); the one next to Bioshock (#2) is the Predator from the eponymous franchise. The one next to the Joker is Star Wars’ Boba Fett and the last one is indeed a Hobbit, ass seen in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies (to be precise I’d say it’s Meriadoc, since Dominic Monaghan is seen wearing a yellow vest throughout the first and second movie)

  3. nerds fulfilling their nerd dreams through their children… Well, as long as the kids like it… The hobbit kid sure looked amused and lil’ Tony Stark seemed to like his outfit as well. The second “little sister” dress looks way to short for a girl of that age though; convincing as it is, I wouldn’t like to see my daughter running around in a short skirt like that, if I had one.

  4. Most of these kids are dressed up from characters 20-30 years ago. wtf? Thats like dressing up as puff n stuff in the 80s. you never saw that shit. If you think about it kids dont have crap for movies anymore. Probably why the 80s and 90s keeps recycling

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