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    1. You do realize this person rarely responds to you right? You have got to be one of the most desperate for attention people I have ever come across. Just stop posting. Seriously. No one cares about you.

  1. The flags are in the right order, the names are all fucked up…. Yes USA your in 4th place on this chart. Deal with it

  2. If I was a typical US college student, I wouldn’t see any mistake.
    But the Netherlands then would have to be our friends – seen this flag before… somewhere… hmmm…

  3. Why are all the countries listed by name and then you come to TEAM U.S.A.? Are the other countries not teams as well? Fuck you U.S.A. You are not that special.

    1. Relax. with the way their fragile economy is and the social disorder and gun violence worse then Columbia that shitty country will be in pure anarchy within 10 years. Lets sit back and watch it all hit the fan and laugh whenever the fail stories land on Oh there’s one now! A guy gave his GF an abortion pill to kill the kid and succeeded? HAHAHA oh Murica, you are a bunch of funny retards!

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