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    1. no kidding, she went too huge on that but walked away with a smile on her face. amazing there aren’t more injuries in slope style, those guys are badasses.

  1. Crashing because you jump too high and far is not a fail in any context. And the fact she destroyed the helemt, stood up, walked away and raced again two days after makes a clear win.

  2. Not a fail. Missed the landing, yes, but a fail? Most certainly not.

    Most athletes push limits and most walk away, some get carried off broken and then on occasion some die (Vancouver Olympics a Luger died hitting a pole on the course due to a lethal mix of human error, speed (89+mph), a bad line in the curve, and poor course design coming out of the curve on the Whistler track, and just last week a newlywed died base jumping with her husband in Zion NP after her chute failed to deploy. Fell 2,000 ft with him having to watch her fall to her death and then walk out 4 hrs on foot to get help and then wait until the next day to recover her body). Extreme sports will ALWAYS result in extreme crashes, and eventually even death
    There was no way to stick the landing as she missed the rotation,in effect landing both sideways and backwards. The amount of force she had to absorb was enormous. The fact that she took that hit, crushed her helmet and managed to walk away instead of being knocked out cold is amazing and a testament to the physical intensity of these athletes. Sure she didn’t “stick it”, but she should have a major head injury, or at the very least a concussion. The brain does not like being used like a jello bowl.
    Think about injuries football players, and boxers get from just running into other running or getting punched with massively padded gloves. We are talking about slamming your brain pan onto ice, with a fairly thin shell around it from 20-30 feet above the ground at 30+ mph.

  3. Well there’s the problem, she wasn’t in a safe kitchen making someone a delicious meal and then the hand of god reached out and smacked the shit out of her down to earth

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