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    1. I hope for your sake that you’re not really that stupid that you actually believe that that’s how it works.

    2. If women can get rid of their children, men should have the same rights. Of course you can’t force a woman to get an abortion, but men should have the right to renounce to paternity of unwanted children during the same period women can legally get an abortion. Pregnant women should be legally obligated to notify the father of her situation so he can choose if he wants to take care of it or not.

      That’s equality, bitches.

  1. Its interesting how if she had taken it then it would not be considered murder since it is just a fetus and not a human life. But since he did it without her knowledge its murder. What he did was a disgusting low life thing to do but I don’t see how they can decide murder based on which parent caused the abortion.

    1. It is murder if the woman wanted the child and didnt murder it herself, If she had agreed to murder the child with him then all would be ok. America is doomed.

  2. Since he will be held more responsible for the child’s welfare than her, then it should be his choice. PRO-CHOICE! I have two beautiful daughters that I cherish (and I planned for)and would never have wished to have them aborted. However, if my Ex-Wife wanted to, she could have murdered them at any time without my consent. Since the militant bitches want it to be all pro-choice, well, it seems fair. No harm, no foul. Bitch should just STFU and realize it was his “Choice”….

    1. By that logic it’s also your wife’s choice to cut your little pencil dick off whenever she feels like it to stop any more of your little retard spawn from being born. PRO-CHOICE, BRO!

  3. I like how they couldn’t even bother to use a real news article for this, just grabbed some out of date blog post about some old ass news by some illiterate dumbass.

    1. Richenbaum – You seem to be very focused on penis size. Do you have “Penis Envy”? You poor thing…don’t worry, we all know you compensate by taking every penis you can get….you snarky little bitch

    2. 1BigShaft is absolutely right, in every post Richenbaum speaks of dicks, boners and so on,…definitely penis envy! a moron with penis envy so don´t pay attention to him, don´t feed the troll and he will die, just ignore him forever!

    3. Hey at least I’m not like you two lovebirds with your every single post mentioning how much you like being Hitler-loving pedophiles.

    4. P.S. I like how the irony of a guy that calls himself 1BigShaft accusing anyone of focusing too much on dicks entirely escapes you both. Hilarious.

    1. That’s what happens when you get all your news from

      What’s up with your little boner for Murica anyway? You sure talk about em a lot.

    2. For years, America picked on Canadians, saying they are stupid, slow, etc. Now it’s more than evident that Canadians are more educated, have a less volatile economy, stronger banks, better foreign policy and we are way healthier. So, for all Canadians who had to put up with your bullshit, go fuck yourself Murica.

    3. SMRT – one major flaw in your “logic” is that the Canadian GDP is only one-tenth the size of the U.S. GDP, so comparing the volatility of our economies is like comparing the volatility of Google to Ask Jeeves. Also, I’m not exactly sure how you define “better” foreign policy, but everyone knows that Canada is extremely apologetic, so what foreign powers are even going to have you on their radar until you can actually grow a pair? You might as well compare our foreign policy to Switzerland’s. Nice try though, and good luck to you and all of the other red-headed stepchildren.

    4. Your right, comparing our economic stability is like comparing a bankrupt nation to a nation with a positive bank account, and our population is one tenth do the USA as well. Ours is stable because or regulation, not size you fucking idiot. Also, your foreign policy has two mandates, exploit and pro-democracy. Ours is ‘help those who need it’. Sorry.

    5. Nothing you said was relevant, or well thought out. Sorry bud, you’re driving my point home with your arrogance. Especially when you can’t even count the amount of flaws you intend to highlight.

    6. Astounding job showcasing your top-notch education. For your sake, I hope that you’re French Canadian and that English is your second or third language. Here’s a solid example of counting for you. 1)The abbreviation of “you are” is “you’re” with that mysterious apostrophe thingy. 2)Canada’s national debt is $680 billion. 3)You actually used the phrases “because or regulation” and “you fucking idiot” in the same sentence, the irony there is palpable. 4)When someone states that “One major flaw is…” and then they follow that first flaw with the word “also”, it means that they are in fact pointing out 2 flaws. 5)Arrogance? Really, you mean something like “Canadians are more educated, have a less volatile economy, stronger banks, better foreign policy and we are way healthier…go fuck yourself Murica”? Hypocrisy is a major red flag for stupidity. Honestly I have no problem with Canada, I’ve been there several times and it’s a nice enough country, but I would never live there. My problem is with imbecilic, shit-spewing tough guy trolls like you. Piss off eh?

    7. Here’s america’s answer to their national debt problem: Raise the debt ceiling. So to lay it out in simple terms that most retarded Muricans will understand, if a house had a basement toilet backed up and spewing shit out in a constant never slowing flow the reasoning for americans is not to stop the flow of shit and fix the actual problem but instead raise the ceiling… Good fix murica. Remember 2007? That WILL happen again and this time it will be way worse. Enjoy the shit ride while it lasts because its going to get a LOT worse 😎

  4. Yes, what this guy did was abysmal. He committed premeditated murder by knowingly ending the life of a human being. And unfortunately for him, filicide isn’t on the list of government-sanctioned murders like mothers killing their children and the death penalty are. Would someone please try to rationally explain why a mother murdering her child is so much “better” than a father murdering his child? If this same guy had poisoned his 1 year old instead, would it anger you because only his wife has the “right” to poison the baby?

    1. Why would someone try to rationally explain something to you when you are so clearly more interested in personal moral judgments and over-emotional fallacies than you are in any kind of reason?

    2. So in other words you’re unable to rationally explain the double-standard. The reality is I pretty calmly stated my opinion above. If anything you’re the over-emotional judgmental one for calling it fallacy just because you don’t agree.

    3. No, you asked a heavily biased and loaded question, followed by a heavily biased and loaded analogy, both of which were already skewed towards your own personal opinion. People who are genuinely interested in getting a rational answer don’t do that. You’re just here to wave your hands from your soap box and try to play yourself off as clever because I didn’t go for your straw man. It’s cliched, formulaic bullshit no matter how big the words you use are and no matter how passive aggressively, oh excuse me I mean “calmly”, you state it.

    1. and here is proof the “her body” POV is one for the idiots. this loudmouthed FUCKING retard said it. if you dont believe me read some of the other crap thats been conjured in his ignorant sexually frustrated little pea brain.

  5. fucking hell all the people saying it’s no worse than a woman having an abortion are insane. How long had his gf been pregnant for one thing? and giving her a pill that could be dangerous to her is ok? Its the woman who carries the baby, so of course it is nothing like the same thing as a woman having an abortion and not telling the father. if he didn’t want to be a father he should have put something on the end of it, or just done a runner. what he did is not much better than if he stuck a coat hanger up her when she slept.

  6. The fact that the mother, the actual carrier didn’t have a say in this makes it a murder! She probably didn’t want to take an abortion! And now there’s no way back, and the child is dead…

  7. i think that is a totally shitty cowardly thing to do. i am pro choice. but it has to be both peoples choice. if the man is nowhere to be seen then she can do whatever. if a woman gets an abortion w/o the mans consent she should be most definitely punished. if a woman is pregnant in a coma or dies during birth does the man get to terminate the pregnancy. hase to be equal rights. a baby cant bemade by a man or woman alone. science. and abolish child aupport while we are at it. be a contributing parent or fuck off.

  8. Here is some useless information!!! Abortion is a word that comes from the latin Word Abortus, meaning interrupted pregnancy. It can be interrupted intentionally and it can be interrupted by accident and/or natural causes, in English the Word for that is more often known as miscarriage but the actual word abortion is an unspecified variant, so it can be either provoked or accidental.
    However in this case this is an intentional abortion since it was provoked by the father and the Word miscarriage, which is not provoked, can not be used in this case.
    With all that said, I hope I annoyed you and fuck you very much!

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