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  1. I’m going to guess she had earplugs in when he was howling straight to her face. There is no way I could have kept a straight face with that noise coming at me.

  2. Here we go again, people haphazardly making fun of the handicapped. This condition has a name: Counterintuitive, Upright Wide-Eyed Self Delusional Epilepsy (CUWESDE), more commonly referred to as the “Who Lied To You” disorder. Patients suffering from this horrible disease often tend to appear on reality shows, particularly those that advertise themselves to be searching for some sort of “talent” and when experiencing an acute episode may moan and whine loudly and incoherently, seem awake as their eyelids remain open, and also tend to have saggy clothes due to them having dressed themselves while in a essentially waking coma. Although genetics seem to be highly influential in the spread of this disease, the primary causes are parental and socially environmental, i.e., learned behavior. The most influential of these are mentally deficient parents who refuse to admit their child is talentless, upbringing under the guise of “you can do anything” when in fact there is evidence that no such logic in the history of mankind has ever generated a win, and the utter and complete absence of responsibility, self criticism, and/or the absence of many other non-liberal belief systems in which a normal person can recognize imperfections in oneself and adjust to exploit only the potentials. The only known cure is the extermination of liberalism in its entirety. Oh, and that’s also a nlgger and she’s a spick. That disease speaks for itself.