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  1. wasting your money buying tickets for a shit film and then sitting through it like the sad lonely, bitter, jealous cunt you are is a FAIL.

    1. Dear Ambrosia
      I had a lovely time last night on our Valentine Day date.. I know you did…
      Dinner at McDonald’s $7.59 w/Coupon..
      1 gal. TunderBird Wine $8.99
      Ass Fuck you till you cum… Priceless

    1. My point being that a 200,000,000 Chinese flash-mob might each buy a motor-boat and an automatic rifle and take over Taiwan as a prank.
      “Hey, it only took a day, and it was good fun.”

    2. your average chink is a slave in China. All they have is cold hearted pranks like this.

      Ask the people that work at FoxConn how much fun they’re having making our Iphones like a bunch of slaves.

  2. I thought this was hilarious. Valentines Day is for tools. And who cares if the movie was shit. Drop some acid and put on some headphones. Great times.

  3. So a huge amount of lonely zipperheads bought out a theater for a shitty movie so no couples could see it? Awesome.
    What a bunch of jealous pricks.

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