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  1. Just goes to show that bullshit ideas developed by liberal imbeciles are full of holes. Want funding? WORK FOR IT!!! Or borrow from me 🙂

    I’ll make you rich (less) beeeatch!

    1. Ahaha!! 2lolo!! Still trolling I see. How is your lover Fred doing? Do you still have those birthing videos on your YouTube channel??

    2. I couldn’t really imagine this place ever being dull with 2lolols incoherent rants. I see his still on those bath salts

    3. To B&B
      I’m happy to see you’re back… How have you been?? I am very sorry, I found a new woman who can “DEEP THROAT” all the way to my Balls.. But she can’t
      Swallow as good as you…. But she is trying….

    4. Ahh yes, I’m glad you found a ” women” who can deep throat your 1/2 inch baby carrot just the way like! But if I’m mistaken, didn’t your dog chew your balls off that one time you covered them in peanut butter?

    5. Oh! And if “she” is having problems swallowing like you said earlier, maybe you can have her talk to your mom? I remember you saying how good she was at that…

    6. Dear B&B
      You never complaint of my cock size before.. I remember when you first seen my cock. You said.. That thing will never fit in me.. But my cock fit just right.. WRONG… It was your Mother and Sister I was fucking…. Did your Mother and Sister name the baby after me????

  2. Does this mean i have to go somewhere else to get funding for my treehouse-a-copter?
    I was really hoping I would be able to sell some of my gooch-
    Warmers before spring:(

  3. Who the hell is kickstarter and what the fuck is crowd funding!?!? If I have a crowd of people at my house will they fund the food costs or something?

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