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  1. Well, let’s not get carried away here. In a real fight he’d have punched her in the face once, and she would have passed the fuck right out. It’s obvious that he did not want to hurt her.

    1. Her arms are bigger than his. What kind of bitter virgin needle-dick watches a friendly wrestling match and thinks “Oh well he could have punched her and won”? Oh, wait, a bitter virgin needle-dick.

    1. Exactly… he could have knocked her out in no time, but obviously he didn’t want to hurt her. In a real fight she wouldn’t stand a chance. But yah, she’s grapples well, and the guy doesn’t know how to grapple. Still could have knocked her out with a single punch at any time (before getting choked)

    2. It’s a friendly match, no one was supposed to hurt anyone. Only a manchild would get all winded up and actually hurt her.
      Even if you’re strong, then being strong gives you the benifit of not only pulling your attacks so that you don’t hurt her, but also impressing her by beating her.

  2. Would have been fun if he would have gone all out at start. But oh no that would have been sexisme. Assault. Rape. And what else the society claim it to be 😉

    1. You’re exaggerating.
      This is a friendly match at a party, don’t bring your retarded MRA shit into this.

    2. Let me explain how stupidly sexist you are:

      A guy wins – Ha! How could a girl have expected to beat him?
      A girl wins – SEXISM AT IT’S FINEST RAGH!

      The point of this video is: Some girls know how to wrestle better than guys.

  3. He obviously could have crushed her and was being gentle, but then again would we want to watch the video of a guy kicking a girl’s butt?

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