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  1. “Rap” by its inheritance is a fail from the get-go. Any further fails are just attempts to win a fight with a dead horse.

    1. Yeah, tell that first part to Snoop Dog, DMX, Biggie Smalls, Movado, or Death Grips.

      If your talking about newer rap. well, all this video is missing is a feat from fucking Pitbull, and it’d be a Platinum #1 on the radio bullshit.

  2. The first two comments summed it up nicely I felt. That being said, I will still add my two bits. Rap is barely more civilized than the chanting of natives holding broad headed spears and egg shaped wooden shields. That is the origin of rap and it honestly has not changed significantly. It is NOT music, it takes no real talent, and the only people who enjoy listening to it are mental midgets.

  3. Rap takes a little talent you racist fucks. One needs to understand how to count syllables and know how to rhyme before they can rap. Once you can do that, just deal crack and hit up open mic nights. Before you know it, you’ll be leaving illegitimate children in your wake. Easy peasy.

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