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  1. does anybody else see a donkey head wearing a beanie with an eyeball in the center of it in the smoke? Or am I just as high as that dog is..

    1. Well, now that you mention it… But it COULD also be a demonic cephalopod, a spawn of the Old Ones, come to end man’s reign over Earth. Beware of its wicked shape for all those who look upon it will fall into despair. Now pass that blunt already.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the smoke has been shopped onto the pic. Otherwise this would indeed be quite outrageous.

    2. A buddy of mine had an old dog who was given three days to live. Kidney issues, wasn’t eating… So the owner started blowing pot into the dogs face. It started eating, and was more lively. The dog lives for three weeks longer than predicted. In certain circumstances its not abusive behavior. Stop painting everything with your judgemental brush and get off your pedistal.

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