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  1. Dumbest shit I ever read. Hiney, if you have any sense divorce yourself from your family, go on a diet if need be, and definitely work out and learn to cook. Those magazines simply justify what nature intended to be accepted as beauty, because beauty is a reflection of health, and when you are healthy you look like the girls in those magazines. Plain and simple. Only ugly and fat people complain. If you do not heed these words, you will wind up divorced, or worse yet, a dyke, and everyone will tell you you were “born that way, which you will believe, because hardest of all is to accept your own failures and lethargic character. So be a real woman. Work to better yourself intellectually, but also physically, because men will simply not want anything to do with you otherwise.

    Too bad. Truth sucks and hurts. Scream all you want, but facts are facts, and PC bullshit walks. Deal with it!

    1. Oh REEELAX, I’m just kidding! Those fashion magazines, like anything media or Hollywhacked or fashion related are all for, by and with the creme-de-la-creme of stillwater sewage. Still though, ladies, work out, eat right, look decent, learn to cook, be a good WOMAN. If your “man” says he loves you when you are unwilling to care for yourself in young age and/or refuse to be feminine and a good woman by normal, old fashioned standards, he’s gay and you are an idiot. The magazines, yeah whatever. The reality, they demonstrate natural selection. So either way, be the best you that you can be, and don’t let feminism fool you. It’s bullshit. Men prefer real women. Nothing says rotten like a fat, ugly bitch with a grudge packed to the brim with excuses. Find the happy medium.

    2. After reading that shit, I’m too lazy to read your essay but I would feel terrible if I didn’t call you stupid or something. Idiot.

    3. Congrats on your first liberal opinion ever (apart from that ridiculous reactionary stereotypization of women’s role in society).

  2. Two things:

    1. Right over this is an EF sponsor add for beautifying portrait-manipulation software.

    2. He’s a clinical psychologist who doesn’t mind his behaviorally-challenged clients seeing him sitting on a store floor, having arranged a bunch of women’s magazines in front of him, three of them propped up on his laptop screen, and holding a camera or phone up to take a picture of the bizarre arrangement.

    3. His daughter comes unexpectedly at this point around the corner, sees him sitting there, and she walks out the door, saying “I don’t know him… I don’t…really…”

  3. I just thought “Wow, can’t believe a liberal site like EpicFail would post something like that.” Sure enough, when I at the comments I immediately notice that all of the Obama supporters are flaming it. smh

    1. So…your logic is that you think this is a liberal site full of liberal people, so naturally when a liberal type article is posted, all the liberal people there would hate it?

      So…do you not actually know what a liberal is or do you think Obama is a Republican conservative or what? I don’t get it.

  4. Or you could just try raising your kid right so they aren’t so dumb and impressionable that they can get brainwashed by looking at magazine covers.

      ANYONE ??

    2. Guh, what a load of puked up bullshit. Any girl who lets herself be manipulated by a few airbrushed pictures in a magazine is a pathetic excuse for a human anyway, and this guy ain’t helping!

  5. Psychologist? That’s why this text is full of irelevant sentimental shit and false concepts like “soul”? I smell reactionary opinions behind this. What about raising your daughter so that she can think for herself, you dumb pseudoexpert?

  6. We are really taking our slowly dying, soon to rot in the ground pieces of flesh waaaay too seriously. Get over yourselves humans. You ain’t that special.

  7. Dear daddy,
    Keep feeding your daughter crap and raise her to be a man hater. That’s why real men flock to girls like me.

  8. I hope if she grows up to be a hottie to have my face in her “beautiful insides” before I fill it with my thick, rich, creamy spunk…

  9. If I put makeup on will women buy me dinner? Probably not. Dolling yourself up to get free shit is a benefit not an oppression. Otherwise so many woman wouldn’t be doing it.

    Also men don’t buy those magazines…

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