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  1. I understand that hard drugs does bad stuff to you – but most of these folks are not “young” to begin with. Age does some wicked Shiite pretty quickly. I am fortunate, at 52 I still have some resemblance to my earlier look. However, at my 30th H.S. reunion, I had a real difficult time recognizing people that I grew up with. Take care of yourselves or you will look like these folks….

    1. I fucked your wife in the ass at our HS reunion, From that position she still looked much like she did in highschool.

  2. Sure, you not seeing your high school friends for 30 years and these people smoking meth for as little as under a year, basically the same thing.

  3. What do all these people have in common? Thety started first by smoking weed and then to this. Weed is a gate way drug and this can often be the results. Not everyone of course, but enough become meth heads or gang banging pieces of shit in the ghettos or worse…..and it all started out with just a little weed. POT KILLS!!

    1. Roger youre an idiot. The real gateway drug is alcohol. I had trouble with drugs in the early nineties, and never would have done it if I had stuck to weed. Every decision I ever made to do hard drugs, I made drunk. Period.

    2. I bet Roger drinks like a fish too. Because that’s legal, so what could go wrong, right?

      Get your high school health class teacher’s cock out of your ass and grow some opinions that you didn’t copy and paste out of a pamphlet, Rog.

    3. Absolutely! I always say: out of mom’s vag, then milk, coca-cola, beer, cigarettes, hashish, cocaine, crystal meth, cemetery.

    1. I see what you were going for there, but it’s so badly worded that it doesn’t really come off like an insult. You need to work on your material, bro.

    2. Are you really this stupid or is this just part of your really bad troll routine? Say Murica once for #1 or twice for #2.

    1. And you’re #7. Now that we all know who everyone is, shut your toothless mouth and pass the syringe to Rob.

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