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  1. Why is this a “fail”? Looks like he’s got the sunset shining on his back. He’s in too dark an area for that much light, especially not on his face. Are we supposed to think he’s on fire?

    1. No, I think it’s a glowing alien blob-thingy that will eat through his hoodie and then the back of his skull and take over his brain, and he’s desperately trying send a message.

      Of course, the message has only reached Epic Fail and all we do is laugh and point.

    1. Things must be so much more exciting wherever the hell you are from huh? Which is why you are on EF leaving completely unfunny and unoriginal comments? Right? Am I right?

    2. my job is so great, I get paid to go on EF and troll for 7 hours. Unoriginal or not, they’re still better than your shit ass comments. I’m going back to “work” ttyl ambrosia

    3. God, you’re right. My comments can’t compare to yours. Can I use yours? Murica Murica Murica!!!! That shit has never been funny and even if I wasn’t from there it wouldn’t be funny. It’s just fucking retarded when everything you post has that in it. Yeah, you get back to work. Being a professional idiot must be exhausting.

  2. Lol we was all thinking it ambrosia , mikey your mother must be fucked off that she didn’t scramble the fuck out of you with a coat hanger when she was pregnant with you maybe she should burn too

    1. We was? Well, generally anyone that is going to insult me or even attempt to comes right out and just says it. But who knows, maybe they all was thinking it and you just spoke for all of them.

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